Tilt Up Panels

Our Tilt Up Panels are formed and poured on site.

Once the slab has cured we build our panels from formwork that has proven over the years to be quicker while still holding up our quality.

Spray is applied,steel reinforcing placed ,lifting gear placed . We then have a vigorous Quality control System that the builder and Rogers Concrete commence which is dated and signed off by both parties to ensure that -

  • Sprays have been applied
  • All cast in items are placed and within the dimentions on the plans
  • All diagonals are checked for the overall height and width of the panel.
  • Any openings checked
  • Correct steel placement
  • Correct panel thickness
  • Once our builder is happy we commence the pour and achieve a highly burnished finish on the panels.

When we have poured the panels we strip the panels ,clean the site and wait 7 days for the concrete to cure before erecting the panels.