Super Flat Floors

Super Flat Floors are created by our Laser Screed from the US – the SXP240 and now our new addition is the latest and biggest laser screed in Australia the SXPD with a lot more technology on board we are creating even flatter floors.

This laser screed operates in a way that a finished floor level is chosen and we set the screed to work. The laser screed has a set of receivers that pick up the laser we have set to the desired floor level .

Concrete is placed and the laser screed booms out,sets itself to level then with the click of a button pulls the concrete back while a vibrator vibrates the concrete and a auger removes any exess concrete leaving behind its screed the finished floor level.

The wet concrete is then passed with a “Bump Cutter” and then a standard bull float. Ride on Trowelling Machines are then placed on the slab when hard enough.

The first machine has a set of “Pans” on it which when used correctly fill any voids or discrepencies on the face of the slab.
The second machine has a set of “Combination” blades on it which closes any holes in the surface.
The third and final machine has a set of “Finishing” blades on it which creates the highly burnished finish.
The end result is a professional, smooth, highly glossed floor resistant to cracks and staining.